Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prize Determination

Prize distribution in USCF tournaments is done by priority of standing or score, with players getting the highest prize they qualify for.

In our Club Championship, 3 players finished with 3.5: Lunna (2205), J. Cohen (2089) & E. Zhurbinskiy (1935). Because an U2100 (two, in fact) tied for 1st and there was no 3rd place prize, the U2100 prize was pooled with the 1st and 2nd prizes.

Onto the 3's. Fleysher and E. Zhang's ratings (2025, 1809) were too high for the U1800. Therefore, R. Feng (1358) gets the prize. Please note: the U1800 is not just for those 1500-1799.

With no one having 2.5, We looked at the next score-group to determine the U1500. Of the 10 players with 2.0, 4 players qualified for the last prize: Huang (1424 on the October list), Sengupta (1337), N. Yen (1182) & S. Feng (1102). They should have received $18.75 each.

For additional information on the process, consult the USCF's Official Rules Of Chess (in the 5th edition, start at page 181).

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