Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Open Section Winners

Trophy winners from the Open Section of Sunday's Westfield Summer Scholastic:

From L-R: Dylan Raphael (Honorable Mention) and Ronak Bhatia (4th place).
Not pictured: Amey Pasarkar (1st), Rohit Narayanan (2nd), Kevin Corrigan (3rd), Michael Berrios (5th), Baron Wu (Honorable Mention)

Congratulations to the 20 trophy winners and thanks to all 44 who participated.

U1250 Winners

Trophy winners from the U1250 Section of Sunday's Westfield Summer Scholastic:

Above, from L-R (with trophies): Ashwin Balaji (Honorable Mention), Max Gorbaty (1st place), Derek Clasby (2nd), Aziz Kodirov (3rd), Aayush Ajith (Honorable Mention) and Dina Brustein (5th).

Not Pictured: Jason Lu (4th) & Dillon Shelton (Honorable Mention).

The happy 2nd place finisher creating a photo op.

U750 Winners

Trophy winners from the U750 Section of yesterday's Westfield Summer Scholastic:

From L-R (with trophies) : Ethan Chan (5th place), Jack Silver (3rd), Felix Liu (4th), Ashwin Kaliyaperumal (2nd) and Albert Yao (1st).

Summer Scholastic Winners

Amey Pasarkar (1752), Max Gorbaty (1172) and Albert Yao (665) were section winners in Sunday's Westfield Summer Scholastic, which featured 44 participants.

The full list of trophy recipients and some additional photos will follow.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rating List Policy Change

Effective July 27, we will be using the most recent rating list to pair our events, instead of the current month's list.

Thus, the ratings we use in the latter half of a month will be more up to date and representative than they are now.

In addition to the July 27th Quads, the change will affect: the August 24th Quads, October 19th Octos, October 26th Quads & whatever we decide to run on November 23rd, November 30th, & in late December.

The no rating-request policy will continue.