Saturday, April 6, 2013

Please Arrive Early For The Sunday Quads

In view of the very large attendance we've been having recently (67 players on March 17 and a record-breaking 70 on March 24th), we kindly ask that you:

1. Make sure your USCF membership is current.
2. Bring your USCF ID card, if you have never played at the Westfield Chess Club or played your first USCF tournament less than 1 month ago.
3. Bring a chess clock if you own one. If you are worried about losing it, you can leave the clock in your car and retrieve it only if we run short.
4. Arrive early, preferably before 1:45 p.m. This is especially important if you want to join our club or use your current rating.
5. Form an orderly, single-file line if there are people ahead of you.
6. Pay your entry fee to our treasurer, Patrick Mazzillo, then move away from directors' table and desk. If you crowd us, the likelihood of mistakes and a delayed start is increased.
7. Once registered (by Pat) you should
  • proceed to room 109 if your rating is over 1600.
  • move to the far end of rooms 107-108 if your rating is 1200-1600.
  • go to the middle of rooms 107-108 if your rating is under 1200 or if you are unrated.
If these guidelines are followed, our efficiency should improve and your experience should be more pleasant.

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