Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lunna, D. Zhurbinsky & B. Ng Win Westfield Ch.

Life Master Todd Lunna, David Zhurbinsky & Brandon Ng won the Westfield CC Championship, which was held December 6th & 13th. It was Todd's 14th WCCC victory.

Albert Tang and Baron Wu were winners of the U1800 Section.

Winston Ni (U2200), Justin Lee, Bharat Karia, Steven Feng, Aayush Ajith (all U2000), Alec Touhey (U1600), Albert Yao (U1400), Warren Bu, Pranav Tholeti & Kyle Wang (all U1200) also won prizes.

A page with the full list of participants, round by round results, photos, standings in tie-break order & other info will be uploaded after Christmas.