Sunday, December 31, 2017

Westfield CC Policy On ChessNoteЯ

The USCF has approved another electronic scoresheet device: The ChessNoteЯ by Black Mirror Studio, LLC, which runs exclusively on Nexus phones.

In our opinion, letting players record games with phones is a bad decision. It creates cheating opportunities & places additional burdens on TDs. Monroi, eNotate & PlyCount devices are easily identifiable. Now, we need to know what brand phone people are using, ascertain who is using ChessNoter or an unapproved app & deal with opponents or their parents who are disturbed by, or jealous of, the new product.

Thus, the Westfield CC is setting the following rules re: ChessNoter, effective 1/1/2018:

1. A player must inform the Chief TD of his/her intent to use ChessNoter before round one.
2. Your device must remain at the board during the game.
3. Any player violating rules 1 or 2, using other phones or other chess apps is subject to immediate forfeit & ban.

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